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Source code for this project is available as a part of the download package. The source files are in the chatscript/src/ directory of the package, once it has been extracted to the directory location of your choice.

Project Information

About this project:

This is the ChatScript project ("chatscript")

This project was registered on on Jan 6, 2011, and is described by the project team as follows:

  ChatScript is a "next Generation" chatbot engine, based on the one that powered Suzette, that won the 2010 Loebner Competition. ChatScript has many advanced features and capabilities that, when properly utilitized, permit extremely clever bots to be programmed. There is also a potentially useful ontology of nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs for understanding meaning.

Current version:

Version: 3.81 Created: 12/31/2013

News and Updates:

There is a new bot you can build ” :build stockpile” which is a demo of the planner. There are 3 locations connectioned by land or sea. There are wood and stone resources that can exist. There is a cart, a ship, and a train. The chatbot accepts commands to request a stockpile of some kind of material at a location and will tell you what it would do to get it (and does it) and displays the new world status.

ChatScript 3.0 was finally released on March 10th, and development has proceeded at a vigorous pace since then. New features include an embedded debugger, support for foreign language dictionaries and a method for accessing external OS functions from within script code. please see the change log for details about the latest version.

  We've added a number of documentation files, and moved most of them to a more convenient location. Please check out the Documentation Page for more details.

  We've teamed up with to provide a discussion and support forum for ChatScript. The URL is and you're encouraged to join us there, not only to ask questions, but also to discuss the project, make feature requests, or whatever you like, regarding ChatScript. Come on over, and join in on the conversations!

  We're pleased to announce a new addition to the ChatScript project. Dave Morton from Geek Cave Creations has joined the team, bringing with him his enthusiasm, insights and skills. We are all looking forward to a successful relationship. Dave will be primarily assisting with maintaining the web pages here at Source Forge, along with monitoring bug reports and feature requests here. He's also agreed to write a tutorial for ChatScript, from the perspective of a new botmaster, though this will probably take a short while to complete, since he's still learning, himself. Also, when he comes up to speed on ChatScript, he will be able to answer basic questions as they arise for new users.


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