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Project Information

About this project:

This is the ChatScript project ("chatscript")

Current version:

Version: 3.81 Created: 12/31/2013

Change Log

Version 3.81  
0. new document Paper- WinningTheLoebners
1. mark xref per concept/word raised from 7 to 32
2. ^tally to get and set an integer value on a word (transient to a volley)
3. ^walkdictionary('fn)  to execute named outputmacro on every dictionary entry
4. new document Bot Harry - moves initial discussion of harry from basic manual
5. new document Bot Stockpile - describes how to run the planner bot
6. new bot and document Bot NLTK - describes how to run natural language analyses

Version 3.8
0. Fixed bug in :shutdown that crashes on shutdown
1. moved hardtrace.log to LOGS and renamed exitlog.txt
2. fixed potential crash bug in spellcheck
3. :shutdown merged into :quit and removed, use :quit for server or non-server exiting chatscript
4. fixed bugs when using :build or :restart on a server
5. new DICT, bits on dictionary entry, data in LIVEDATA/ENGLISH

Version 3.73
0. 3.72 introduced serious tokenization bug that broke contraction processing.   Fixed.
1. new manual ChatScript External Communcations- moves stuff from advanced on calling outside things
2. :topicstats, :abstract, and :topicinfo now accept wildcard topic like ~ne*
3. :commands will now display their results across a server connection (subject to buffer restrictions)

Version 3.72
Most of the work has been to increase the accuracy of english pos-tagging. 
extensive changes in engine and dictionary entries properties and systemflags and concepts related to pos-tagging and parsing
1. split off from in ONTOLOGY and put in own folder
2.  warning removed - now allows creation of topics with no rules.
3. %sentence is true if input had a subject (possibly implied) and verb.

version 3.71
1. severe bug in pattern matcher fixed

version 3.7
0. :document now takes file or directory 
1 %document now exists to tell you you are in document mode
2  %command (sentence type) and %impliedyou (you as implied subject)
3. added ^RETRY(TOPRULE) to return from a ^refine() to the outermost rule to retry
4. pattern matching can now change direction using @_n++ and @_n--
5. added documentation old paper "Speaker for the Dead"
6: added documentation paper "Writing a Chatbot"
7: added :concepts to tell you quickly how to generalize a word 

version 3.64
0. ^iterator allowed in any rule not just in planning rule and planning example now also uses iterators.
1. ^Tcpopen allows get/post from script
2. :trace display cleaned up, you can do collections like :trace basic  :trace mild  :trace detail,  and :trace tcp added for ^tcpopen.

version 3.63
0. dualmacro:   allows you to use same code as an output macro and as a pattern macro
1. new command line parameter  livedata=   allows you to name your own directory to load livedata from. 
2. :trace now accepts - xxx to turn off stuff, so :trace all - infer - pattern can be used
3. bugfixes and revisions to how Planning system works - read revised doc 
4. :build stockpile and stockpile planner demo now exists
5. :build 1  is now :build Harry

version 3.62
0. authorizedIP.txt file now also takes L_loginnames that can be authorized.
1. new manual - finalizing a bot
2. you can name a range of topics to :verify by ending with * , eg,  :verify ~f* 
3. :verify sampletopic to restrict warnings to only samples resulting in wrong topics.
4. ^Log(file filename new)  use of new to clear out any existing content in file
5.  out-of-band sentences (ones leading with [...]) no long spell check inside the [ ] area nor do they postag/parse.
6.  :silent toggles showing output or not (good for regression tests)
7. :diff file1 file2 - reports lines that differ between these two files.
8. new manual- installing an amazon cloud server.

version 3.61
0:  NOSAMPLES added as topic control flag to block :verify sample on topic
1. named locations in worlddata and concepts are marked with systemflag LOCATIONWORD  and
	concept ~locatedword has been renamed to ~locatedname
2:  :gambittest moved into :verify gambit
3. ^findfact(subject verb object) added
4. new query control field 1 values: S, V, O for queing incoming item as a fact reference.
5.  ^flushfacts(factid) to kill off all facts created after this one
6. added << and >> as additional arithmetic operators on assignment  $$tmp = $$a << 4
7. added NOGAMBITS as topic control flag to block :verify gambit on topic

version 3.6
0. WARNING- DICT binary format changed, src corresponds to it.
1. ^createattribute  function similar to createfact, but insures this is the only fact with this combination of subject and verb.
2. plan:  script element added and ChatScript Planning document added
3. ^Iterator() added for plans
4. ^marked() now returns FAILRULE bit if word is not marked, instead of null.

version 3.54
1. :say xxx yyy zzz  forces chatbot to say that message as its output (good for testing postprocessing scripts)
2. :facts xxxx  displays all facts involving word or meaning given
3. WORLDATA facts on authors changed from "exemplar" to "write"  for their works
4. WORLDATA facts on musicians changed from "exemplar" to "sing" for their works
5. added NOPATTERNS flag to topic define, so can avoid pattern tests using :verify on that topic

version 3.53
1. can now use :trace on functions (turns on all tracing on patternmacro or outputmacro)
2. documented how to deal with issues in proper-name merging in pos-parser documenation.
3. ^uppercase(word) returns 1 if word starts with uppercase letter and 0 otherwise.
3. changed a bunch of worlddata geographic names to have the property ALWAYS_PROPER_NAME_MERGE
4. undocumented pattern notation metal~~  which matches metal and all direct synonyms of it (e.g., alloy).
5. ^trimhistory(who count) added to chop off history
6. restored ... ellipsis as a final argument to a table to fill in rest of args with *
7. added ^reviseoutput(n value) to overwrite existing generated response n with given value
8. added systemproperty for word  NO_PROPER_MERGE to mark concept words which should never merge into a proper name (eg URL)

version 3.52
1. documented ^position() which returns location information on a match variable
2. added ^setposition() to allow you to arbitrarily set current match location in a pattern match.
3. added topic flag nokeys similar to newly documented noblocking, suppresses all keyword :verify tests for that topic
4. documented IGNORESPELLING feature on concepts- suppresses compiler warnings
5. removed documentation on old server feature TIME (server no longer times out, client must if it wants to)

version 3.51
1. :revert renamed to :retry
2. new document ChatScript memorization
3. crash bug fixes for mac

version 3.5
1. added NOUNPHRASE to GetParse()
2. added Set match Position ability to jump backwards during pattern match:  @_0 being an example
3. ^join(AUTOSPACE ...) adds blanks between each item automatically
4. double underscores in output to user will allow a single underscore to show to user
5. bot: xxx  will restrict all topics in a file occurring after this top level command
6. :show topics  will display all topics that the input would trigger by keyword

version 3.4
1. :topics sentence   displays the topics marked, value, and words triggering it
2. :definition displays code of the macro named
3. function argument variables now allowed within format output strings
4. HARRY project and filesx.txt file reorganized
5. new documents PAPER Winning 15 minute conversation & ChatScript Exotica Examples

version 3.3
1. added ^available to see if rule has been used up or not
2. :document mode to read an entire document (in advanced manual not debugging manual)
3. :abstract now can take a filename instead of a topicname
4. :abstract pretty will prettyprint your topic(s)
5. :abstract canon will prettyprint, replacing noncanonical keywords in patterns with canonical ones
6. ^GetParse added to retrieve phrases, clauses, and verbals
7. added :overlap to see what members of set1 are in set2
8. :memstats to show memory use
9. :noreact blocks reacting to input
10. :show pos turns on pos summary
11: parser manual updated to explain how to access parse data from patterns
11: ^flags(word) and ^properties(word) to retrieve dictionary flags on word
12  new tokenflag: ONLY_LOWERCASE ignores all proper nouns and name merging to use lower case forms of words

version 3.2a
1. revised popen to strip out \ off embedded doublequotes in command string

version 3.2
1. function calls to SYSTEM functions can now take relation operations inside patterns.
2. improved pos-tagging and parsing for english
3. optional 3rd argument to export to append to a file rather than overwrite
4. optional preliminary argument to ^log to name file to log to other than userlog
5. ^popen function added
6. new manuals on pos-tagging (for foreign language developers) and control scripts

version 3.1
1. bug fixes - loebner entry version 

version 3.06
1. fixed :trace ~topicname and various other bugs
2. added tokencontrol NO_INFER_QUESTION and added "Controlling Input" to advanced documentation
3. %fact  - most recent fact id
4. brought back the parser

version 3.05c
1. fixed NOUN_TITLE_OF_WORK should not merge proper name into one token "the fox" is a movie name but shouldn't become a single token
2. fixed script compiler failing to notice a; xxxx as a faulty rejoinder
3. fixed tokenization bug
4. added ^position, ^capitalized
5. reinstated English Pos-tagging
6. fixed tablemacro bugs

version 3.04
1. tables accept .KEEP_QUOTE on arguments
2. crash in NEXT fixed

version 3.03
1. fixed crash in :restart (server + standalone)
2. fixed output mode OUTPUT_NOQUOTES

version 3.02  
1. fixed bug in scriptcompiler for u: (!^query())- not before call failed
2. fixed manuals

version 3.0
1. reverted some newer capabilities from deleted versions above 2.0
2. can now escape pattern comparisons - u: (\gesture=smile)
3. support for foreign language dictionaries
4. embedded debugger
5. rule tags to increase introspection

version 2.0
1. added ~money and improved money tokenization and canonization in the system
2. added DO_POSTAG and DO_PARSE and DO_NO_IMPERATIVE as tokenControl values for bots
3. added :postrace command to watch postagging/parsing
4. added dynamic query abilty, using _xx and $xxx variables as arguments for subject, verb, object and '$$ and '~xxx mean dont expand the choice, while '_xxx still means orignal form
5. can block conversion of & to and in script compile, by preceeding & with \
6. added lowercase and canonical to ^POS
7. raised max function argument count to 19

version 1.99	--- last version of 2011
1. fixed SYSTEM command
2. fixed token errors related to questions
3. added |=  &=  ^=  to assignment 
4. made responders allow more data

Version 1.28
1. MAC OS compiles server now
2. TIME= command line option
4. LOGS subdirecotry added

Version 1.27
1. allow utf8 and support DO_UTF8_CONVERT to change some accented to normal ascii.
2. renamed :undo to :retry
3. added capitalize to ^pos()
4. $crashmsg

Version 1.26
1. bug fixes for 64-bit linux and other crashes

Version 1.25
1. added ^hasProperty(word, bit)
2. documented ~ as pattern word for current topic
3. added %all
4. altered :undo to take replacement sentence on same line

Version 1.24
1. added :debug to set internal debug flag
2. added a couple of pdf papers about chatscript into documentation
3. added :reset analogous to ^reset(USER)
4. added xs xv xo to test sentence marks in inference system for part 3
5. adding data to :help function to briefly describe most functions
6. added :all to assist in debugging
7: added :undo to retry user input with replacement
8: documented the ?  option in pattern matching (advanced)

Version 1.23
1. system variable %userInput added
2. automated pronoun handling supported along with improved pos tagging

Version 1.22
1. help now takes "function" or "variables"
2. Pos tagging improved, migrating toward full parsing but not there yet
3. linux server no longer busy-waits - Linux build now requires -lrt as well

Version 1.21 
bug fixes, more pos tagging  and doc added for ^match()

Version 1.20
1. improved POS tagging, with rules put into Livedata
2. tables accept ... to mean fill in remaining arguments with *
3. added :testpos to verify pos tagging and regress/postest.txt
4. added :pos to display pos tagging and how it happened
5. :word now can take a series of words to display
6. tables now allow a short-entry to default missing tail entries
7. :help lists all the : commands
8. argument "sandbox" tells server to disallow access to OS from script
9: revised various tables using verb exemplar to use more direct choices:
	star  - for actors/actresses and the movies/tv in which they starred
	write - for authors and the books/poems they wrote
10: chatscript tutorial written by  Erel Segal

Version 1.17
1. fixed bugs in Linux server mode
2. added optional "echo" to :source
3. substitutes adds negation testing on the result arg
4. ~introduction basic sample topic renamed ~introductions

Version 1.16
1. :prepare now takes all and none to mean set as mode for future
2. revised memory usage--- Linux version was dying in malloc

Version 1.15
1. Added ^settopicflags()
2. :topics added
3. An output choice may now be [!$value ...] in addition to [$value ...]

Version 1.14
1. ^keywordtopics now also accepts topics labeled nostay
2. ^mark allowed optional second argument, a match variable and optional 3rd argument, a match_variable
3. ^unmark order of arguments flipped, and 2nd argument made optional
4. script compiler now spell checks patterns and outputs and warns you about questionable words
5: :build optional 2nd argument "nospell" to suppress spell checking and "output" to add output checking
6. documented unipropogate query
7. pos(snake noun 2) -> snakes

Version 1.13
1. revised autogeneration mechanism
2. now accepting [] instead of () for topic and concept definitions
3. manual revised to use [] instead of ()
4. removed ~teenword (now considered ~adultword)
5. handling of ~infinitive improved
6. added :used to see what responders are used up in a topic
7. :verify rule changed to :verify pattern

Version 1.12
1. added POS(noun,word,proper) to uppercase to proper name
2. allowed to have global user variables from a :build commands
3. added autogeneration of responders 

Version 1.11
1. fixed serious bug in script compiler

Version 1.1
1. added %rejoinder (indicates system has a rejoinder it can expect)
2. clarified eraseure in esoterica
3. added ^import and ^export to read and write fact files
4. redefined factset decompositions (@1subject, @1object) and added  @1fact @1verb @1+ @1- @1all

version 1.01
1. stopped deleting the "to" in front of an infinitive.
2. bug fix with repeat topic flag
3. other bug fixes

version 1.0
1. supporting unique names for public servers (if user name comes in from webpage with . prefix).
2. insuring all boolean system variables return "1"/defined and null/undefined
3. removed $defaulttopic variable used by engine which caused a modification to the control script
4. optional 2nd arg to reuse  allows it to skip over a responder that has been marked d
5. added :bot to change bots on the fly
6. table arguments allows to specify a designation that the entry is script by prepending ^ to a "xxx" table entry string. Eval() will execute it
7. modified doublequoted string handling on output side.... normal strings display with their " ".
   strings with \ in front no longer have any special meaning
   strings with ^ in front mean output string w/o quotes as a format string
8. added documentation section Esoterica and Fine Detail
9. earlier optimization added introduced a mega serious bug which was reported and now fixed, screws up a lot.
10. added ^nofail and revised control script to use it

version 0.95
1. bug fixes
2. redescribed noerase so that gambits are always erased. It only controls responders.
3. Continuation  renamed rejoinder

version 0.94
1. multiple copies of topics allowed for multiple-bot handling-- see WHICH BOT in documentation
2. :abstract allowed a topic name argument
3: added flag to mark object-pronouns to improve pos-tagging commands
4. extended assignment syntax to allow any length of operations, so $var = 1 + 2 % 3 * 4 is now legal
5. enhanced output of things like :testtopic and :testoutput to show variables changed as well.
6. changed file format of user save data... any files in USERS folder you have should be removed.
7. moved %token over to $token
8. allowing #define constants as ordinary items in output 
9. added %question
10 moves ~qwords from script to engine

version 0.93 This is considered a stable build and will remain as new builds arrive
1. fixed bug crash on misspelled words and other crashes found by a massive regression test.
2. added windows hardware exception trapping to server so it cant crash
3. split ~singular and ~plural into: ~nounsingular, ~nounplural, ~verbsingular,~verbplural
4. moved ~auxverb from script to engine

version 0.92
1. fixed bugs introduced by spellcheck, which destroyed the interjections system and some canonical forms
2. documented the interjections system in the manual
3. renamed concept set ~aux to ~auxverb
4. added %token and changed the default to allow assignment to all %systemvars.

version 0.91
1. modified :revert to automatically redo your last input
2. fixed serious bug in marking used responses

Version 0.9
0. added ^fact() and removed fact duplicates
1. added :prepare and :postprocess and :testtopic and :real and :testouput
2. added spell checking
3. documented ^analyze and _0=#define for values of dictionarysystem.h
4. bug fixes
5. documented global macrovars ^$var and ^_0
6. added pattern positioning @_2
7. removes :noreact and %noreact
8. :regresssub renamed :verifysub  :dummyinput renamed :fakereply   :writefacts renamed :facts
9. upgraded POS analysis

Version 0.8
0. :shutdown added
1. :verify upgraded with new ability
2. LoebnerVS2008 fixed to compilable
3. misc bug fixes
4. added files for testing servers, better server logging, and writeup on using servers

Version 0.7

0. Internal representation for "refines" changed to use member verb
1. Misc bug fixes, particularly to ^query and the \"xxx" construct
2. added :variables

Version 0.6

0. misc bug fixes and improvements to :word and startup display data
1. removed %bot  (redundant with $bot)
2. added %server (server mode vs standalone mode)
3. added ~unknownword (unrecognized input words)
4. added $var? (can var content be found in sentence) and _9? (can match var be found in sentence)
5. added :stats 
6. added ^save(@setref true/false)
7. added support for Windows server
8. added overlay to run Loebner protocol (different project) under vs2010
9. _var (match variables) restricted to _9 max
10. :define documented
11. added VS2008 build data

Version 0.5 --- base line